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Projects created by Hariri Pontarini Architects are distinctive expressions of the vision and values of the firm’s clients. HPA’s commitment to quiet excellence is embodied in the creation of enduring, carefully conceived spaces that are seamlessly interwoven within the context of their surroundings; spaces crafted to exude a solid dignity and purpose. Known for creating spaces with an implicit understanding of the architectural components, HPA’s extensive portfolio consists of architecture that affirms human conviviality: a sense of proportion and materiality, a facility with natural light, and an intuitive grasp of human dynamics.

This philosophy of quiet excellence informs every project that Hariri Pontarini Architects undertakes. It expresses itself in thoughtfully-crafted components that embody respect for materiality; in spaces that are contemplative yet functional; in minute aspects of design—the smallest details that quietly delight the occupant. This vision harnesses the transformative power of design, channelling the best aspects of each client, site and program into 
a space with the power to inspire.