Information Model (BIM) and collaboration technologies enable us to work to achieve the leanest possible design and construction process for our clients. This virtual model can be tested, reconfigured and streamlined to assist our clients and design team to understanding the implication of their choices and decisions – our information-rich models have enabled higher precision in project feasibility, cost, sustainability and construction scheduling.


There is an inherent longevity built into all HPA designs: we design in a way that transcends fashion or trend, and strive to create work of lasting public value and enduring cultural worth. Our methodology is correspondingly rigorous, encompassing environmental assessment and Building Information Modelling (BIM), to maximise productivity, minimise waste and enhance post-construction efficiency in every building.


At HPA, fabrication is embodied in both the exploration of form at the outset of a project, and the precise execution of a final design. This dual approach means paying attention to detail from the moment of design conception through the entire process of construction. The result is architectural innovation with respect for economic reality.